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V i s i t o r s ♡


The music resides and it thrives in a place that takes my heart and soul.
And the way it plays for me… the world will never know.

Our Song

Our Song


By: Alaina Kirkpatrick

Found my past written on the sidewalk today
The chalk faded and covered in stone
Pink hearts burned alive and turned to gray
Couldn’t react and now I’m alone.

Promises ended as quickly as a handshake
Pure bliss turned into a silent goodbye
An earthquake in my palm and I felt my world break
Memories faded and left to die.

We were jigsaw puzzle pieces that didn’t go together
And I did my best to try and make it fit
The glass slipper was too small, midnight at the ball
Our time is up but somehow I can’t quit

I saw you smile from far away
Your eyes sparkled with a secret that I’ll never know
Your eyes were the same, yet hidden in the frame
Was a side of you that you didn’t trust me enough to show.

You feel as distant as a photograph
A picture that I’ll do anything to just forget
You look at her with a smile and a laugh
You take your hand in hers and it’s a perfect fit

What could I have done differently, I thought
What did I do to make things go so wrong
I was constantly rewriting my own lyrics
And wasn’t thinking about the rest of the song.

Sometimes just wanting something isn’t enough
And before now I wasn’t able to see
That no amount of effort can create true love
If it’s not in the script then it’s not meant to be.

I watch you and your happiness overtakes me
And the tears begin to fall
Because for the first time I began to see
That your happiness never came from me at all.

And if I truly loved him
Then there was an unnerving gift that I would have to give
The gift of letting his own happiness
Come before my original script.

I would have to write lyrics to another song
I would have to let him slip away
But maybe even though he’s long gone
My new revision can be as beautiful in its own way.

I close my eyes and begin to write
The guitar strings play a new song with ease
I finally surrendered a losing fight
Finally excepted that some things aren’t meant to be.

It’s a song that overtakes the airwaves
Beautiful music is the only sound that fills my soul
There’s beauty in letting go of what wasn’t ours to take
Final chord is good-bye, it lights up the sky,
I remember, and then I finally let you go.



Nick Piecoro got his shot at sports journalism after answering phones for the Arizona Republic his freshman year of college. Now as the Republic’s current sports beat writer, Piecoro shares his love for baseball, Buster Olney, and his success story of one journalist’s journey from the bottom to the top.


Q: You are considered one of the most prominent sports writers to ever work for the Arizona Republic. How did you get your start in sports writing?

NP: Am I? Haha, thanks. I guess I got started just by working hard and getting lucky. I worked on my high school and college papers, worked for a local weekly paper out by where I grew up in the West Valley and thanks to a friend at school started answering the phones in the Republic sports department when I was a freshman at ASU. I slowly earned their trust and wound up working two internships at the paper before I graduated from college. I went away for a year to work at a small paper before returning to cover preps. About a year later I was covering baseball. 


Q: You are the beat reporter for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Does baseball have a personal significance to you?

NP: Yeah. I’ve always been a baseball dork. I probably wouldn’t be a sports writer if I wasn’t writing about it. 


Q: You post a lot of your news updates on twitter. How has social media changed the course of your reporting?

NP: It is definitely provided an easy way to interact with readers and created more of a 24-hour aspect to my job. I try to post news there and links to my stories. I mean, the job is still the same as before in a lot of ways but there’s just far more avenues for news to get out these days. 

Q:  How are the Diamondbacks looking this year?
NP: Pretty good, actually. They’re near the top of the division despite some injuries. Things are going really well for them. 


Q: In comparison to sports like basketball and football, do you think that baseball gets the same amount of media coverage?

NP: I don’t know, actually. Not in phoenix, I guess, where I think football is definitely king. I mean, I guess football gets most of the attention everywhere in this country. But in places like New York and Chicago and San Francisco I think baseball narrows the gap a little bit. 

Q: What is something surprising that people do not know about you?

NP: Oh gosh, I don’t know. I don’t feel like I have any crazy secrets. 

Q: Are there any sports journalists that have inspired you? How has this affected the way you cover sports?

NP: Oh for sure. When I was in school, I used to love to read Buster Olney, who was then covering the Yankees for the New York Times, and also Gordon Edes, then the Boston Globe’s Red Sox writer. They were terrific (and still are) and definitely influenced the way I cover the game. 

Q: Some critics believe that sports coverage is not news. How would you respond to that?

NP: Meh. We take ourselves pretty seriously and are ultra competitive about breaking news. It might not be life and death stuff, but I can assure you I work just as hard, maybe harder, than a lot of people in news departments.

Reminiscent Beach


Reminiscent Beach

By: Alaina Kirkpatrick ©’13




Surrounded by purple skies
As I live in this moment tonight
The glow of the ocean reflects your eyes
The dark clouds divide and I can finally see the light.

His smile is nothing but a memory
My feeling of longing is dead and gone
As I let the twilight darken around me
The past no longer feels like home.

As the sun sets I looked behind me
I saw nothing but a stretch of shore
Footprints were visible but just as quickly
The ocean washed away the people I didn’t care about anymore.

It’s called Reminiscent Beach
Purple skies calm the waves, they’re never alone
It’s a place to reflect, a place that forbids you to forget
It’s where you remain when you can’t let go.

The beach is the epitome of beauty
But it’s an illusion that’s tricking you to stay
Because underneath the exterior there are cracks
Past memories hold you underwater as you try to swim away.

Darkness has replaced the waves crashing in your eyes
Instead they are filled with moments from your past
I try to take your hand and guide you ahead
I look to you but you’re still looking back

Your footprints don’t disappear in the darkness
They stay vividly lit as we continue through the sand
Ocean waves aren’t enough to make you forget
And I’m struggling with something that I can’t understand.

I decided to give it one more try
And looked behind me to try and see what you see
The waves swiftly commanded me to move forward
And you stayed behind to live in your memories.

The beach knows that I don’t belong here
It knows that my past is no longer a part of me
Rain starts to pour, and I knew for sure
That I had to say good-bye to Reminiscent Beach.

I’m walking a little faster now
I reach for your hand and realize you’re far behind
I’m miles ahead as I start to run
Leaving the past further buried in my mind

I start to slow down, I’m waiting on you
I can see you standing in the distance
But your eyes aren’t dry as you stare at the sky
Still thinking about what you’re missing

I run towards the past in the opposite direction
The stars sparkle as they show you what you could have had
I call your name but you’re walking away
I try to catch your eye but you’re still looking back.

I write your name in the sand
But the waves are swift and they wash you away
I have to keep running towards my future
Hoping your past memories will start to fade

I know you’re not ready to leave this place
The sun shines all the time, time keeps you close
If only to remind you that the darkness will eventually find you
Theres still something you can’t let go

Reminiscent Beach consumes your days
Sitting in the shade and surfing the waves
Past memories still swimming beside you
Winter comes but yet you still remain.

One day your shadow asks the burning question
His image overwhelms you as the sun shines
How long are you planning to stay here,
You know that you can leave at any time.

You looked down at your shadow
And you said with utmost certainty
I’ll leave this place when I can can’t see her anymore
I’ll return to the world when my past is ready to leave me.

Your reflection looks back at you
You can sense the confusion in the waves
“But your past is already gone,” he said
I’m afraid you’re a little too late.

The more time you spend at Reminiscent Beach
The less you are able to see
That your chains want to break to stop the heartache
So that you can finally be free

Time goes by and I venture back to the beach
I come across your footprints still vividly lit
And as much as I don’t want to see the truth
I know that you still don’t want to forget.

I continue down the path towards the ocean
Surrounded by a purple sky and I know that I’m free
Running towards my future I can’t help but look back
And wonder if you’ll ever catch up to me.




You told me happiness grows along the weeds like sunflowers

It’s my guiding light when it grows cold

The look on your face, hard to contemplate in windows streaked with snow

Running free for awhile,

Minutes pass like miles

In fields spun with gold.

Lost in time

Hard to climb when I’m drowning in those April showers

If I walked past you on the street now,

You would never know.

 Darkness revealed, running through the fields,

You found a way to make me grow tall

Do you remember that dance,

Hold the world in your hands,

It’s yours.

I look to the sky

It never seems to shine

The way it did before.

 Clues in a cracked mirror

Three places

Did I tell you I got your letter?

Never let the rain cloud your spirits

Hold the world in your hand,

It’s yours

You told me happiness grows along the weeds like sunflowers

While I swam in that river you would try to hold me up

Rocks all along the water, marking the way to rock bottom

I wanted it all,

But did I want it badly enough?

 I didn’t want the sun to shine on me

Not without you there to see.

Moments I can’t seem to find, years undefined
As I struggle to plant seeds of time,

A sunflower can’t grow in a broken home.

Trying just to rewind, but you’re running far behind

I catch a glimpse of you but then I’m alone.

 You told me happiness grows along the weeds like sunflowers

Smile on your face,

Hard to contemplate in windows streaked with snow

Lost in time

Hard to climb when I’m drowning in those April showers.

If I walked past you on the street now,

You would never know.



Future Ft. Kelly Rowland

—Neva End (Remix)

for [Future] reference

The Celebrity

By: Alaina K image

Don’t look now, the world is watching

Make way for the queen of notoriety

A camera flash, it all happened so fast

You’re the celebrity you never wished to be.


Queen of the night, international flight

Black ink says the promises are seamless

But there’s a darker side to a name in lights

One day you’ll wake up to a world in pieces.


We sit on a high horse, unaware the world looks different,

The world is not as in love as they might seem

The ones who are quick to bow down are the ones who dish it,

Hit speed dial number 3, to reach the magazines.


That night you regret, no way to forget

Printed on the front page and the world’s not done yet


If it’s all black and white then where do we draw the line?

Deadline redesign, we’re always running out of time,

A star is born without even wanting this life.


Our version of the truth is crafted carefully

Delivered by an update to our twitter feeds

But how do we question what we’re told to believe,

When the news is now just another word for hyperbole.


So many words but so little proof,

With one simple question we put it to the test:

How fast can a lie spread, when it’s 140 characters or less,

Depends on how fast the page is refreshed.


It’s the battle of character and reputation

It’s the fine line between a lie and the truth,

And it’s determined by the man with the most imagination.

To win or to lose, who said you get to choose,

The media will decide it for you.


Don’t look now, the world is watching

Make way for the queen of notoriety

A camera flash, it all happened so fast

You’re the celebrity you never wished to be.



5 people you’re guaranteed to meet in college


By: Alaina K

Look familiar? I’m sure you know at least one of these. Hell, you might even BE one of these. I know I am.

1.) The Overconfident Partier - One more shot?! Sure. This partier can handle ANYTHING. He was made to party! Can often be heard repeating the line “I remember my first beer” and challenging other party goers to drinking games. Likes to take half shots with no chasers. Usually loses in the first round of beer pong because the game was “unfair” and the cups “weren’t aligned right.” Can usually be found at the end of a party in the bathroom throwing up, under the table from losing too many beer pong games, or getting kicked out for starting fights with the owner of the party. We believe you that you can drink more than us. But just leave.


2.) The Annoying Gym-Goer - When I go to the gym, I try to finish my workout quickly to avoid these types. Unfortunately, they’re everywhere. The Annoying Gym-Goer can often be seen sitting on the mats and texting or just catching up with the girls. It’s cool guys, they have only been sitting there for twenty minutes doing absolutely nothing. They can also be seen on the stair master, which they have been on for the past two hours. Sucks for us that they aren’t any left, we should have gotten there before the gym opened and camped out, huh? This type of person may also be seen looking at themselves frequently in the mirror. Just to make sure their muscles are still there…? Don’t worry, they are. The Annoying-Gym-Goer also likes to wear her hair down while she’s running. She may be spotted on the elliptical, often gazing over at the other girl next to her to see how many calories she’s burning. Quit looking. It’s awkward. I can see you.


 3.) The Fake Intellect -Having trouble with the assignments? Don’t ask this person, he sure as hell doesn’t know either. He or she will attempt to use big words to try and impress the class, then act shocked when they don’t know what the fuck they’re saying. “WHAT?! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT FLOCCIANAUCINIHILIPLIIFICATION MEANS?! I THOUGHT EVERYBODY DID!” Can often be seen hiding their test papers or “turning them over” so that nobody sees. Guess what? We know you did bad or else you’d be displaying them on your desk like it’s a freaking trophy. Can often be found at home googling “big words and how to pronounce them.” May own a graphing calculator for no apparent reason, and a pair of fake glasses.


4.) The Texter- Ah, The Texter…. With the recent popularity and increase in smart phones, we all know one of these. The Texter must own an iphone or a blackberry. Likes to wave their phone around for everyone to see. Likes to share texts from that “annoying stalker guy from last night” with surrounding people. Likes to text while walking and doesn’t like to look up. Drivers need to recognize A Texter and be prepared to go around them or break suddenly. Most important device that the Texter owns is their phone. Can often be heard saying “I’d dieee without my phone.” Likes to text when other people are talking to them. Likes to text at the gym, during class, hell! These  people even like to text in the shower. Here’s a text for ya: LOL UR PHONE HAS G2G.


 5.) The Compulsive Liar- The Compulsive Liar takes exaggerating to the next level. The Compulsive Liar loves the first day of class introductory periods when they get to talk (lie) about themselves. What did they do this summer?! What DIDN’T they do?! The Compulsive Liar spent a month snowboarding in Chile, a week in Hollywood where they got asked to do a music video, a month in France where they mastered the language and got asked out on a lot of hot dates, and two weeks in New York where they saw 10 Broadway Plays and got to star in one! The Compulsive Liar did not take your food. She did not borrow your car, and she did NOT cheat on the test. The Compulsive Liars are my favorites because sometimes their stories are so weird and farfetched, you know it’s a lie. But instead of awkwardly calling them out, you can get a good laugh and be glad that you don’t need to lie to get attention…(or do you?)

My theory on Tucson Drivers

In my 22 years of being here, I’ve driven through some pretty weird places. I let a cow cross the road in Clive, Iowa. Drove through a blizzard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I drove through Tehran, Iran, the city who some call the most dangerous in the world to drive in.

But surprisingly enough, it wasn’t Tehran with the worst drivers.

After not much deliberation, this is the city who gets my worst driving vote….


Tucson, AZ: The only city where drivers continue to sit there once a light turns green.

So here’s the thing about Tucson drivers. They aren’t as bad as people say they are…they are way worse. Here are a few things you should know:

The craziest thing about Tucson drivers is that there is a place that actually gave them a driver’s license. It’s a little place I’d like to call…


If you can’t tell by the picture, the place looks sketch as fuck. Not only does it look sketch, it is.

How do I know this? Because not too long ago, I was given my driver’s license by this very place.

How selective is the Tucson DMV, you ask?

imageLets put it this way. Carrington College Albuquerque is more selective. And they have a 100% acceptance rate.

So I entered this hell hole on my 16th birthday, and I left with a driver’s license.

I also left with the scary realization that as long as you didn’t bring in a gun, or run into the building with your car, and you could see a little better than Helen Keller, then you were getting your license.

And that my friends, is the answer to the burning question: Why are Tucson drivers so shitty?

Because there is somebody working at the hellhole on Swan and Broadway, who should not be trusted with a stamp.

When you’re behind a driver who is going 20 in a 45, texting, and swerving into the bike lane, you’re going to be pissed off.

And now you know exactly who to be pissed at.